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  • "Q Client has enabled real-time decision making at MVD Express. For the first time ever, we have the busniess intelligence tools to staff effectively for peak periods. Our return on investment has been 1,000 percent. Our customers are better served, our employees are less stressed and we have cut our error rates by 80%. ALl with this one, super easy to use tool!"
  • "As a third party DMV, we have been in the motor vehicle business for 20 years. Our enegagement with Optimum Solutions has been collabarative and results oriented. Our average call pick up time has been reduced from more than 5 minutes to 38 second- woithout adding more staff on investment is hugh!"
  • "Optimum Solutions has been a key resource in launching our new MedCert program. Their staff has assisted with everything from research to customer engagement. I highly recommend this company and its expert staff. What has been most impressive is their ability to quickly get up to speed on our priorities."
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We Positively Impact Retail Traffic by:
  • Immediately Engaging Customers and Staff
  • Increasing Customer Satisfaction Through Improved Work Flow

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